Argumentative Essay: The Case Against Mr. Grey

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Argument writing In the case against Mr. Grey I will be prosecuting for his sanity. Frank Grey was aware of the crime he was committing. Many may try to defend him by saying he’s insane but, the Legal Definition of Insanity states “In a criminal trial, the word ‘insanity’ means something more specific than when we use it in everyday speech. You cannot say that someone on trial is ‘insane’ just because he did something that most of us would consider ‘crazy’”. That meaning,Mr. Grey did commit a crime that’s not common, he killed a man because he did not like an old man’s eye. That is not a common case you hear every day but Mr. Grey is not insane he clearly stated “I am aware of what I’m doing” during the period of him killing the old man. Mr. Grey’s attorney may try to claim self-defense from the old man. I have evidence on why he cannot use that statement. While getting a confession from Mr. Grey he said and I quote “he had never wronged me. He had never given me insult.” Therefore Mr. Grey had no real justification to kill the old…show more content…
Grey had a crazed look he accused us of hearing his heart beating faster and faster and he accused us of knowing what he did. Right before he began to tear up the floor boards, He shouted ‘dissemble no more! I admit the deed! Tear up the planks! Here, here!’” Ladies and Gentlemen what we need to decide is, are signs of guilt or insanity. Breathing heavy, no eye contact, pacing, and stuttering are all signs of guilt. Your honor in conclusion I believe Mr. Grey is guilty of murder. He knew right from wrong. He knew what he was doing when he took the time to plan when to kill the old man. No insane person is capable of such action. His behavior points to guilt not insanity. Why guilt? Because he killed an innocent man who never wronged him but due to his eye he took his life. Don’t let this man get away with murder. Thank You, Your
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