Argumentative Essay: The Case Of Assisted Suicide

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If you have ever been in the situation where you had to Euthanize your pet, you know it's hard. However, also usually it is the best decision because that pet gets to go peacefully, without suffering. You may miss them at first but, you know that was the right thing to do. Killing another isn't always murder, however it may be merciful. People have to go through a near situation sometimes too. Their wife, kid, husband, mom, dad, or another family member may be in really bad state and isn’t getting better. They may have to pull the plug. Some cases lead to killing a loved one. Killing another is justifiable, but only in few cases, such as assisted suicide, capital punishment, and when George killed Lennie. In the case of Assisted Suicide killing is justifiable. In the Article it is talked about how Assisted Suicide has…show more content…
The article educates about how the Death Penalty lowers Crime Rates and I thought a quote from a Criminal was Interesting. “Maragret Elizabeth Daly, arrested for attacking Pete Gibbons with a knife, who told the investigating officers: ‘yeah, I cut him and I should have done a better job. I would have killed him but I didn’t want to go to the gas chamber’”(Jacoby). I think the above evidence is important because it shows a criminal is fearful of dying so she didn’t kill anybody, which means Capital Punishment will cause less murders, so it is justifiable. According to the Article Police Killings have gotten out of hand which has led some to think of Capital Punishment. “But Republican Gov. Susanna Martinez said the shooting of a police officer in Hatch N.M. on Friday, as well as several police killings elsewhere in the nation, Prove the punishment is needed to deter society’s grossest crimes”(Shouten). I think this evidence is important because it states from New Mexico’s Governor that in order to rid “society’s grossest crimes,” Capital Punishment must be set

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