Argumentative Essay: The Case Of Martha Stewart

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When speaking about Martha Stewart you may view her as that style master but Martha Stewart was detained accordingly of an examination concerning an insider-exchanging plan. The case created a considerable amount of debate since Martha did not present a threat to society, and she was not indicted insider exchanging but rather of the charge of misleading government specialists. As trial lawyer Kevin Mahoney put it: It is a despicable day. The central government will detain a lady for deceiving its agents. Not a lie that rushed a nation into a superfluous war, that duped the nation of a large number of dollars or jeopardized individuals' lives. The lie was close to the foreswearing of wrongdoing, a protestation of purity. Disgrace on us for allowing our legislature to threaten us. However, the general…show more content…
It’s not ethical by any means a crime is a crime no matter the extent of violence used. When speaking on white collar crimes it can best be defined as a financially motivated nonviolent crime conferred by business and government experts. Inside criminology, it was first characterized by humanist Edwin Sutherland in 1939 as “a wrongdoing submitted by a man of respectability and high economic well-being over the span of his occupation”. The purpose of putting white collar criminals in prison is to set precedent and let it be known that committing financially motivated crimes won’t be tolerated no matter the celebrity status. Martha Stewart and multibillion-dollar swindler Bernard Madoff are both threats they may not be a physical or violent threat but when it comes to someone’s business or someone financial status they can’t be trusted making them a liability and a major threat to that particular

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