Argumentative Essay: The Constitutional Amendment

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Besides, there was not necessary of the constitutional amendment because the right to bear arms had missing its own usefulness. It is because the violent crime and a large proportion of this violent is gun-related. United States has one of the highest rates. The gun violence had incorporate the biggest volume of violence in the United States according to the U.S Department of Justice. For example, in 1995, about 60.3% of homicides involved handguns, and 68 % involved guns; in 1996, about 34500 people unfortunately passed away from gunfire in United States, and of these deaths, approximately 45% resulted from homicides. However, for every death shooting, there are at least three nonfatal shootings (Shay et al, 1999). According to my research, there were about 310 million in the country of United States. There were about 50% of households have gun in 1960s. At the same time, the number of guns had increased to one gun per person. It means that if someone owned a gun, then the person will own several guns too. So, America…show more content…
They believed that by having handguns can protect themselves from dangerous. In contrast, there were totally wrong idea. In fact, more guns, more crimes and also more violence happened such as homicides. For instance, in Chicago, there were 10 people been killed and 55 persons wounded in fourth of July of the gun violence. Apart from that, there was also a case that happened in Austin, Texas. A 60 years old man have been killed by a 35 years old man with rifle without any reason. There were more

example of the guns violence happened in other country. In Paris, the most recent news, Paris was being attacked by ISIS. Some places of Paris had been bombed by them and numerous people are been died innocently. Referring to these real life example, there was not necessary for everyone to right to bear arms. It only allowed the national defense team have the authority to hold the guns such as

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