Argumentative Essay: The Creator Of The Titanic

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The Titanic Argumentative Essay Who or what caused the Titanic to sink? I think it had to do with the creator of the Titanic, Thomas Andrews, and the radio operator on the Californian was asleep with his radio off or he could’ve came to help them. Also, almost everyone was overly confident the ship wasn’t going to sink, little did they know. Thomas Andrews the creator of the Titanic or “the unsinkable ship” he was convinced the Titanic wouldn’t sink it could’ve made it if he fixed some flaws in the ship that could’ve saved him. First of all, he didn’t supply some things like binoculars for the lookouts that could have saw the iceberg before it was in view with just your eyes and sent a message to the captain to turn and miss the iceberg. The Titanic was just for show and he wanted it to be fancy and was assured that it wouldn’t sink so he took of half of the lifeboats. Also, the stacks were just for show and one of them didn’t even work. Thomas had to get the Titanic out…show more content…
Thousands of people, around 2,200 people to be exact, bought tickets to the Titanic and they either bought first class if they were rich, middle class if they saved up or they just had a good amount of money, or third class which were mostly poor immigrants trying to start a good life in America or Canada. Everyone called the Titanic “unsinkable” but anything’s possible so people should just call it the Titanic instead of “unsinkable” because you never know what’s gonna happen. If people knew that the ship was sinkable maybe they would have a better chance of surviving. On page 22 it says, “Phillips began to send the morse code ‘CQD’ distress call, flashing away and joking as he did it. After all, they knew the ship was ‘unsinkable’.” Phillips was joking as he sent distress calls because he thought it was unsinkable maybe if he, and many others, was serious the ship might’ve been able to
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