The Dangers Of Drinking Soda Essay

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The Dangers Of Soda Consumption Do you like soda? I know I do, but exactly how unhealthy is it? This is a question commonly asked by many people. To get the answer you must compare soda, diet soda, 100 percent fruit juice, and water. I think it’s time that people finally got the answer that could change their lives. The average twenty ounce soda has about twenty two packets of sugar in it. As a matter of fact, liquid sugar is less healthy than solid sugar. Liquid sugars confuse your brain, and tell it, it’s okay to eat more food instead of cutting back. So, drinking soda makes you even hungrier/ thirstier. A study was done on children, and proved that drinking one serving of soda per day increased their risk of obesity by sixty percent. Some simple reasons soda is unhealthy are, it is purely empty calories, and you may become addicted. In addition, the high percentages of sugar in soda can cause liver disease, insulin resistance (diabetes), and heart disease. It also may cause Leptin resistance. The Leptin’s job is to protect us from starvation and obesity. If you still think soda isn’t that bad, I got a good one for you, it’s linked to cancer. In the article 13 Ways That Sugary Soda is Bad For Your Health it says, “ The risk of cancer tends to go…show more content…
But it is also a hundred percent nutrient free. Water is probably one of the best things you can drink. After all, you’re supposed to drink eight cups a day. You can also add fruits (and things like that) to your water to spruce them up a little. Adding lemons will give you a boost of vitamin c and potassium. Lime water improves the digestive tract, and it’s said that lime water also reduces heartburn. If you just like the carbonation of soda, you could try sparkling water. Sparkling water is sugar free so it would be healthier than soda, I just might give it a whirl. A combination of sparkling water and real water would be interesting to try

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