Argumentative Essay: The Dangers Of Stupidity

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Have you ever just snapped in public? Your entire facade just cracks and you go off lashing out at anything that annoys you even slightly, we all have. In my life I try to be as happy as I can about everything, but there are just so many things that make me want to kill someone and I need to vent out my frustrations. Of everything that makes me mad there are four that really get me in a murderous rage, whenever I do something stupid, when people go out of their way to annoy me, when people act stubborn for no good reason and when I’m ignored and talked over. Let’s start with the first one, when I do something stupid. Now I know that we all do stupid things in our life yet I feel like I do things that are so obvious that I want to just pretend never happened. I would be the person who left the lights on the kitchen all night or I forgot to lock the door, turn off the tv, simple things I mess up so often it just makes me hate myself every time this happens. Now I’d like to think that I’m a smart guy but whenever I mess up so badly it make me think that really am a huge idiot and it does ‘wonders’ for my self-esteem. All I want is not to so these dumb things or at least not get caught letting me avoid the anger and embarrassment.…show more content…
I’m trying to talk to people and be more social but it’s difficult when I get talked over and ignored plus it’s so aggravating. The feeling of loneliness when you get ignored is definitely the worst part but when you’re in the middle of a conversation and nobody will let you talk or listen and you just kind of hover over awkwardly that’s not great either. You’ll be talking to someone then you have something amazing to add to the conversation but no one is listening then when they finally decided to listen you forget what it was and like a moron. Also when people purposely ignore you it should bother as much as it does, first I’ll be annoyed that someone is talking to me next thing I know I’m mad that they 're not, both ways I’m
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