Argumentative Essay: The Death Of Kyla Ramsey

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The Death of Kyla
On December 26, 1996, the body of six-year-old Kyla Ramsey was found in her
Colorado home. Her body was covered by a blanket. Under the blanket, it was revealed her head had been bashed in and there was a cord around her neck, along with ropes around her wrists.
However, this is not the odd thing about the murder. Here are the reasons why this case is not like many other cases.
First, there was a ransom note found in Kyla’s bedroom the morning her body was found.
A key part of the ransom note included the implication a terrorist group had done the kidnapping.
Another key part of the ransom note included the fee of $118,000, the exact same amount of money Kyla Ramsey’s father Kyler Ramsey was given as a Christmas bonus just
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An example of this is they did not seal off the crime scene when they got to the house, or immediately after the body was found. The police and detectives also did not take statements right away from Kyla Ramsey’s family, Kyler, kaylie, and Kasen Ramsey. Basically the Boulder
City Police Department was unprepared and unprofessional. Some people say the police made all
Winn 2 of these mistakes because most of their best workers were off duty due to the Christmas holiday, but I think most people can agree is no excuse.
Kyla Ramsey’s parents did eventually say their daughter was missing from her bedroom the morning of December 26, 1996. They found a ransom note. After they read the ransom note
Kaylie Ramsey finally called 911 and reported her daughter Kyla had been kidnapped.
Third, when police arrived at the Ramsey household they searched the house and didn’t find Kyla Ramsey’s body. It wasn’t until a short time later that the father, Kyler Ramsey, found his daughter’s body in a smaller room inside of the basement. He then picked up the body and brought it upstairs. This heavily affected the evidence.
Another example of why this case is unique and odd is, fourth, both Kyler and

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