Argumentative Essay: The Death Of Michael Brown

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I have chosen to write my paper over the Michael Brown shooting. When this tragic event took place on August 9th, 2014, I never looked into the case. The only info that I knew was from what I have heard on the radio and seen on television. I automatically assumed that Darren Wilson, the police officer, was one hundred percent guilty of murder. After doing further research, I have found out that was not the case. I also wondered how many other people out there in the world are also ignorant to the fact of how many factors played into the shooting, including communication. This whole situation could have been avoided with one simple minute to think things over. Hopefully I am able to provide you with enough details to better explain why I believe…show more content… reported that Officer Wilson claims that Brown was reaching for his service weapon during a scuffle. Once Wilson had his weapon, Brown hands were up and he was running away. At this point Wilson is no longer in danger or threaten. Michael tells him “I don’t have a gun, stop shooting me” ( At this point Wilson should have realized that he was no longer in harm’s way and he should have seen Brown’s hands up. Fact is, as long as police officers can see your hands then they should be at peace and less aggressive. They know that they are not in any danger. That’s why the first thing they ask is let me see your hands when they feel uneasy about any…show more content…
I say that because I feel that if Michael Brown would have changed the way he spoke or the language that he used, it wouldn’t have been overlooked by the police officer. Darren Wilson could have really listen to the message he was trying to portray and I truly believe he still would have been alive today. By Michael changing his language when speaking to Wilson, this might have not ended the way it did. They say that with a muted group theory, one must change their language when communicating publicly, thus, their ideas are overlooked (Kramarae, Cheris p.461). Michael’s idea at the first interaction was about crossing the street because they were almost home, then at the time of the shooting, his idea was that he was unarmed so don’t shoot. Wilson’s idea with the first interaction was to stop walking in the street, then at the time of the shooting it was about teaching Michael a lesson. Initially if both parties would have participated in the muted group theory, then, in theory, the shooting would have never taken place. Their ideas would not have been overlooked, but their message would have come across a lot clearer and
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