Argumentative Essay: The Decline Of The Music Industry

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Music as a whole has gone “downhill”. Some might argue that in the previous decades that have passed, the declined has rapidly sped up, and every time something good happens in the music industry something bad happens in the music industry as well which is unjust and unfair to the musicians that take time and effort to do so, take for example the amount of views and downloads an author needs to reach minimum wage, exactly 4,200,000 YouTube views or 5478 iTunes views just to barely strive on to their lives. And furthermore, the risk of selling out due to not being partners or associates of some major company, musicians have to deal with all the stress, social hype and media. Which in the the end is just straight up madness. And how Billy Mays would say “But wait there’s more”, the musicians also have to deal with the new necessities of business, advertisement, as well as the fear of having your fans despise you.…show more content…
But, surely one cannot see past the other troubles that artists deal with. One of the main examples that a musician has to deal with is the fear of selling out, which is basically when you desperately do anything just for

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