Argumentative Essay: The Decriminalization Of Marijuana

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As a nation we have come to point where we must take a unified stand on the issue of marijuana. Since 1937 the drug has been deemed illegal by the U.S. government but over the best decade, people have been pushing for the decriminalization of the cannabis plant. As a non drug user, i have researched the internet in search of unbiased information regarding the drugs health, economic, and crime influences on society. The fruits of my labor have brought me to the undisputable conclusion that our continued restriction on possession and use of the drug not only violates the liberties of U.S. citizens, but it also is costing Americans Billions of dollars, and something, our lives. After centuries of worldwide use of cannabis and hemp leaves, the United States government in 1937 declared marijuana illegal with the passing of the Marijuana Tax Act. With most of the prominent users of marijuana…show more content…
These people claim that smoking marijuana is harmful to the lungs and brain development of teenagers. Cigarettes have the same, if not greater, damaging effect on human lungs yet the government does not infringe upon Americans’ right to take such health risks. Although there have been no scientific study to validate that smoking marijuana damages brain development, a simple resolution would be to make the legal age for smoking and possessing marijuana in the mid 20’s when the brain is completely developed. The argument of the dangers of marijuana can also be made for the opposing side. Illegal and unregulated marijuanna posing far more dangers to people than if marijuana was regulated by the government. To speed up production and increase revenue, Mexican cartels have been known for spraying numerous pesticides onto their cannabis plants. These toxic chemicals than linger on the leaves and end up being inhaled by thousandths of American consumers.
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