Argumentative Essay: The Defendant's Case

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While the state may have beat Adnan Syed in court sixteen years ago, maybe it shouldn’t have. In fact, the prosecution’s case was full of discrepancies, unsupported claims, dubious conclusions, contradictory statements, and conveniently forgotten information. Tragically, Adnan may have gone to jail for a crime he didn’t commit. Several factors about the evidence presented by the state leave lingering doubts. For example, the one phone call that supposedly put the final nail in Adnan’s coffin might never have connected. In court, prosecution uses Neesha, a friend of Adnan’s, to put Adnan and Jay together in the middle of the day, when Adnan claimed he was at school. Because Neesha testified that she spoke to both Adnan and Jay, defense couldn’t find a way around it. But perhaps that’s because of a little bad faith from the prosecution. When Neesha’s on the stand, she starts talking about how…show more content…
After calling in an expert witness to do fourteen cell site tower tests, the state only uses four of them, the ones after 6:00 pm. But this isn’t because four get the job done, and the rest are superfluous. This is a calculated move; the other ten tests contradict the prosecution’s story, so they sweep them under the rug and focus on sending an innocent kid to jail for the rest of his life. Although Jay’s story kept changing, both to police and at trial, no one ever pressed him on it. Prosecution didn’t actually care who killed Hae Lee, they just wanted a conviction. And Adnan Syed, Muslim ex boyfriend with strict parents was the easiest target. While deliberating over his fate, the jury even talks about how in Arabic culture, the men control the women. Adnan never had a chance, despite the fact that no eyewitnesses saw him in Hae’s car that day, and the state’s after school timeline was so tight it was nearly
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