Argumentative Essay: The Dehumanization Of The Holocaust

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Many people do not think of the Holocaust as 12 appalling years full of unforgettable tragedies. The Holocaust is not normally spoken about every day, but the amount of pain and terror during those eventful years should not be abandoned. The Jews were always referred to as animals and not as human beings. Germans used many forms of dehumanization and neglect. If it was not labor and abuse the other alternative was the crematorium. Not only were Jews treated with such disrespect, but many of them were sent to the ovens to get burnt. The ovens were a place where Jews were forced to suffer through a slow and agonizing death.
The Jews were now known as things or animals.¨Faster you filthy dogs!¨ (85) That was not their only cruel way of dehumanizing. The Germans wanted
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Infants and the elderly would get shot or thrown in the ovens. ¨Infants were tossed into the air and used as targets for the machine guns.¨(6) The strong and healthy younger people would have to work. Not only did people get burnt in the ovens, but some people had to work there and clean up ashes. Strong people would be sent to work at the ovens and they didn't always just pick up any ashes but sometimes their family members. Before entering the ovens the Jews were stripped of everything for a ¨shower¨ where they all merged in. ¨Very close to us stood the tall chimney of the crematoriums furnace. It no longer impressed us.¨ The Jews got locked in the chambers and were left there to burn slowly and painfully. The Holocaust was many years full of torture to innocent people. Dehumanization, neglect and the ovens were not the right solution to Hitler's plan. The people who lived through these harsh years are scarred for life. Hope filled their minds while they all prayed to God to leave Auschwitz some day. The time went further and every day felt longer. Death happened through
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