Argumentative Essay: The Effects Of TV On Intelligent

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The effects of TV on Intelligent For a long time, the scientist, the writers and the teachers counted on one thing to make sure that they reach to success and this thing is their intelligent. Intelligent is what define all those people from the others because with intelligent the scientists, the musician and the teachers can be creative in their work, motivators to those who ask for help and the best in everything they do. Nowadays intelligent is being affected by many things because of the recent technology that made people lazy and it made them lack to use their intelligent or be creative. One of the most effective devices that made people care less about reading or studying or even thinking is the TV. In this essay, I think that TV affect people intelligence and make them blind to many things in this world. The main reason why TV affects people intelligence is TV affect people 's health. Many people think that watching TV is fun and it doesn’t do any harm to them, but the truth is it does. According to many doctors they say that watching TV for a long time everyday affect the human intelligence to think and it affect students when they study for exams. To…show more content…
Another reason why TV affects our intelligence is TV makes you dumber. It takes your attention span away so then you cannot learn as well in school and everywhere else outside of school. Like when your kids need help with homework and doing all of the other important things in life. For example, kids will not learn a lot in school when they are watching TV for many hours. Furthermore, watching TV will make kids to ignore reading books or interact with other kids socially because kids will be amazed by TV and the programs that it shows and they will not get benefited from it. Also, watching TV is the one of the main reasons of ignorance among our children. For instance, if the child is always watching TV, when he or she grows up they will be ignorant because of lack of reading and having the right
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