Argumentative Essay: The Effects Of Television On Intelligent

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The effects of TV on Intelligent For a long time, the scientist, the writers and the teachers counted on one thing to make sure that they reach to success and this thing is their intelligent. Intelligent is what define all those people from the others because with intelligent the scientists, the musician and the teachers can be creative in their work, motivators to those who ask for help and the best in everything they do. Nowadays intelligent is being affected by many things because of the recent technology that made people lazy and it made them lack to use their intelligent or be creative. One of the most effective devices that made people care less about reading or studying or even thinking is the TV. TV effects our intelligent for many…show more content…
At some point it is right, but if you watch TV for a short time it will be fun and educational. People should organize their time properly so they won 't get affected from it and they won 't get their intelligence affected too. For example, people think that TV provide them with entertainment, but this entertainment can cost them a lot because TV cause damages more than benefits to people and especially kids. To avoid having these problems with watching TV, people should be aware by the damages that TV can cause and they should make sure that their kids won 't get affected too because it will hurt them in the long terms. Next, watching TV makes people happy because they are tired from their work, so they spend their time on TV. This can be changed if people read books instead of watching TV in their free time or rest at least they will be facing less stress and tiredness than just watching TV without doing nothing(Jameson 2003). To sum up, this essay discussed about the effects of TV on our health and intelligence, TV makes people dumb and the solutions that can make people spend less time on TV. In the future I recommend parents to teach their children to not spend time on TV and spend their time on reading books and doing something

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