Argumentative Essay: The Ethicality Of Gene Therapy

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I do believe that gene therapy is acceptable. With that being said, there is a lot of different things you could do with it, either good or bad. It should only be used to save someone 's life or to permanently get rid of some sort of pain. Like it or not there is research and millions of dollars being put into the gene therapy process.

Any type of disorder, disease, or syndrome should be accepted to undergo gene therapy. Doing so would indeed change or save someone 's life. Changing just one simple gene could cure a disease such as cystic fibrosis. People who have never lost a family member or friend to a disease don 't realize how hard it is. That could easily be changed with gene therapy in the future.

Using gene therapy to make a child taller, have blonde hair or any other unnecessary characteristics that do
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I would imagine that gene therapy would cost a fortune. Only people who are well off would most likely be able to afford this. Some people would do a lot of things to change something about themselves that really doesn 't matter. I think people like that are taking away a golden opportunity to save someone 's life in need. But it is also America and people can spend their money how they like it under most circumstances.

I think it is crazy how technology has changed this world so much. I didn 't even realize all the medical related topics there are still to be researched about. To think that you could completely change a person by changing their genes is mind boggling. I believe that someday people will only die of old age and nothing else. But that is a long ways away and it will probably never happen in my lifetime.
That is my opinion on gene therapy and who should get the treatment and who shouldn 't. Saving someone 's life should always be the first priority. It is obviously a controversial subject and something that will take a while to decide. But when people make the decision, I hope they do what is best for people and

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