Argumentative Essay: The Executionist

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Bang! Bang! Bang! Goes the gun held in the hands of the man known as The Executionist who just shot down an innocent by standing civilian on street corner. Executionist has been terrorizing the small, dry, arid city covered in tumble weeds called Odessa, TX all summer long because he does not respect or care for the feelings of others in the city.
It seemed to be an ordinary hot summer day as tumbleweeds blew across Odessa and temperatures reaching what felt to be hotter than the desert. Unfortunately, it was no ordinary day because the Executionist was roaming around town searching for mayor and would not stop till he had the mayor captive. He soon decided to strike town hall and terrorize the innocent civilians inside threatening to kill
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Police department immediately responded and issued a city wide search party and alerting the people of city to help bring The Executionist to justice. Everyone in city was searching and soon found Executionist sitting in abandoned house but no mayor to be found. It was like it was all part of his plan to be caught he just remained frozen like a deer in headlights. The police soon develop a plan a trap to capture Executionist and rescue the mayor. They planned to offer him what he wanted in return for the mayor but that exactly was not the case. Whenever they saw proof he had the mayor they reacted in blink of an eye and took down Executionist.
Loud thump is heard as Executionist hits the pavement and then is followed by the clicking of handcuffs as they are place around his wrists. Police then escort him to their squad car and began to question him. They told him what he did was terribly wrong and couldn’t imagine what else could have happened if he was not stopped. In conclusion, you must respect and care for the people the way you want to be treated or else they will not care or respect
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