Argumentative Essay: The Fight For Pitbulls

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The Fight for Pit bulls Dogs are supposed to be considered a man’s best friend, a family member, and a companion. But what is someone supposed to do when a town or state is trying to ban your best friend? Pit bulls are the world’s most misunderstood breed. People such as Michael Vick and dog fighters across the world are giving the American Pit bull a bad reputation. Pit bulls are the most sweet and loving dogs when they are trained with love and affection. They are misunderstood due to the myths of their locking jaw and aggressive behaviors. But with the right training and taking care of them properly, they can begin to be understood for the loving, family friendly breed they really are. When going to any animal shelter, what you will…show more content…
This is proven to be wrong by many studies, shown in the article The Real Pit Bull. This article states that there jaw is not actually hard gripping. When placed in a study with a German Shepard and a Rottweiler, they have the lowest PSI, or pressure per square inch. In fact, the average domestic dog has a PSI of 320 whereas the Pit Bull maxed out at 235 PSI. Another myth is that they can hold onto something with their front teeth and chew with their back at the same time and that their jaws lock when they bite. This is untrue because they have the same jaw that any other domestic, functioning dog has. Pit bulls do in fact have a huge mouth and head but that is just what they were born with. They do not have a huge mouth to eat an animal or human and that should not be a reason to assume an animal is aggressive. In fact, every owner of a pit bull always falls in love with the heart shaped head that gives way to a huge…show more content…
This being said, they also have the chance to run into more problems than other breeds. Pitbull’s have hurt other dogs and humans, just as most other breeds have done so. This should not mean that they are vicious animals but unfortunately because some people think they are, such as Michael Vick, they use them to be viscous. They were used in earlier years primarily for hunting things such as bear, where they excelled. Because they were created for that specific manner, many people believe that they are only good for hunting or fighting other animals. Hence why people use them as fight dogs. Many dogs such a Labrador retriever or German shepherd are used for hunting and still deemed as good dogs. Another myth about Pit Bulls are that they do not feel pain giving them “The desire to continue on and/or complete a task despite pain and discomfort,” as said in the article The Real Pitbull. This is untrue, Pit Bulls have the same amount of pain tolerance and nervous system as any other dog
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