Essay On 1st Amendment

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The 1st Amendment You are talking about the government...BOOM!! You're in jail. You hold a petition or go against a religion BAM!! DEATH. This would be the mayhem without the first amendment.”Where the press is free and every man is able to read, all is safe.” says Thomas Jefferson on the first amendment. The first amendment, the 5 freedoms granted to everyone, has a meaning and purpose in everyone's day to day life and will forever have an enduring impact on life in the USA. The First Amendment saves people's everyday speech rights. In fact, according to in 1989,”This case presented the question of whether the First Amendment prevents a school board from removing a previously approved textbook from an elective high school class because of objections to the material's vulgarity and sexual explicitness.” A schools text book was to sexual and had vulgar refrences and the svhool thought the highschoolers did not need to read it. The school didn't the the book needed to be at the school and they are allowed to take away the textbook. The freedom of speech allowed the textbook to be added to the school in the first…show more content…
This one may be the most important. It has saved so many people's lives. It allows people all across the world to express their feelings to who they choose, not who the government chooses. For example, in the the Roman times they were forced to be christians by the government. For people who weren't christian this sparked rage from those. Back then, that's just how it worked, you didn't get an option. If you didn't believe the teachings of christianity then too bad either you believe it or possibly death. Thanks for the first amendment, we now have that freedom. We can believe in whatever we want. A matter of fact, there is people who believe in as crazy of religions as jediism, which is the belief in the force. Thank you to the first amendment for making this
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