Argumentative Essay: The First Iphone

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The first iphone was the 1st generation.Steve jobs released the first generation in 2007.It had a 3.5 inch screen display and it had 8gb of storage it was the best in its time.The 3g was the second generation.It was launched july 2008 it was thinner and faster then the first generation iphone.Steve jobs said that people would be amazed by the phone and the feel in it when it is in your hand. The iphone 4 generation had a flat design and a high retina display. .The iphone 4 had record breaking numbers.The iphone 5 came out september 2012 and the price was at 199 dollars.The 5 had three different models that included the iphone 5 the 5s and the 5c.The 5s also had a fingerprint scanner on the home button which made it pricer.the iphone 5s…show more content…
The colors they came in were gold,space grey and dark gray.The iPhone 7 hasn 't released yet but it is set to release September 9th.The iPhone 7 will be coming out with with a regular size and a plus.The iPhone has changed a lot in Technolgy from big screen sizes and a flatter design.Which is a better phone samsung or iPhone is the question people ask.Samsung and iPhones are mostly the phones now a days that you see people using.The comparison and technology in the twophones are very different.The size of the Galaxy s7 is 144 mm and the iPhone 6s is 138 mm.The s7 is 4 percent taller.The weight difference is the s7 weighs at 152g and the iPhone 6s is at 143g.The iPhone 6s is 6 percent lighter than the s7.Also the build of the two phones are similar the s7 is made out of glass aluminum and the iPhone 6s is just made out of aluminum.Another thing is that the iPhone 6s has a lot more color choices the choices are rose gold,gold,silver,and space gray.The s7 color choices are black,gold and silver.Also the display of the s7 is 5.1 compared to the iPhone which is at 4.7.The display resolution fr the s7…show more content…
The s7 realized march 2016 and the iPhone 6s released September 2015.The full price for both phone are the s7 is 670 dollars and the iPhone 6s is at 649.The A9 chip brings a new level of performance and efficiency to iPhone 6s. Not only a faster experience, but a better one. The A9 chip is capable of gaming console–class graphics performance that makes games and other apps much richer and more immersive.Touch ID lets you unlock your phone and make purchases with Apple Pay simply by using your fingerprint. It uses highly sophisticated algorithms to recognize and securely match your fingerprint. And the improved Touch ID sensor detects your fingerprint even faster than the previous
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