Argumentative Essay: The First World War

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World War II was a brutal and long war. It showed the world evils unimaginable, and millions lost their lives because of it. Jews and other groups were sent to concentration camps and death camps. Because of it, the world was forever changed, but WWII didn’t just happen overnight. There are many factors that helped start the war. Tension rose as the Axis power invaded other territories, and the Treaty of Versailles left Germany and many countries angry. Other key factors were Militarism, imperialism, nationalism, and totalitarianism. One major factor that help start the war was the Treaty of Versailles. This treaty ended World War I. It left Germany in shambles. They barely had a military, and their economy was terrible. They also had to pay billions of…show more content…
Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin used military force to achieve power. Using their strong military forces, they achieved their goals by taking down anyone who opposed them. Hitler wanted world domination. He built military weapons and an army in secret, going against the Treaty of Versailles. He also used many military tactics such as blitzkrieg to invade other territories. Japan did this as well and invaded Manchuria and many others. Weaker countries being overthrown were unable to fight back due to the strong Axis militaries.Totalitarianism also played a part in starting the war. Totalitarianism includes a very nationalistic and aggressive government. Communism and fascism were the two types of totalitarianism governments in World War II. Hitler was a fascist and wanted to destroy communism and democracy. Mussolini was a fascist as well and joined Hitler. Totalitarianism allowed these government to be in full control while their citizens had little rights. Hitler was able to strip the Jews of rights and dictate over decision makings. The government, doing whatever they pleased, took over more and more territories without anyone successfully stopping

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