Argumentative Essay: The Four-Day School Week

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Is Four-Days The Way

Imagine if we had a four-day school week instead of a five-day. Some school districts have changed from the traditional five-day school week to a four-day school week. The National Education Association should consider making the changes to a four-day school week, because it will save school districts money, students get better scores, and there is better attendance. One compelling reason is, that students will get better scores on tests. In the article, Is Four Days Better Than A Five Day School Week, the author states, “ ‘ Our ACT scores at the best they've been in 10 years, and our love it,’ said Chris” ( This quote helps explain why we should have a four day week. This isn't the only reason though. In addition, not only are tests scores better, but also student attendance. In the article, The Four Day School Week, by Don Kordosky, the author states, “ Attendance in some schools increased 3% as against available instructional hours” (Crosscut: "The Four-day school week: why less really is more"). These results show yet another reason why we should have a four days school week. Furthermore, attendance is great, but so is saving money.
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In the article,The Four Day School Week, by Don Kordosky, the author states,”By trimming one day off the week, a school can save in bus services, cafeteria, and facilities costs. This can be especially crucial during state budget shortfalls, where K-12 funding can be in danger of cuts, and even more so for rural school districts, which must run their schools on a minimal budget” (Crosscut: "The Four-day school week: why less really is more"). This evidence shows that schools could save a lot money by changing to a four day school week. There are also some reasons we shouldn't pick a four-day school
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