Argumentative Essay: The Future Of Photography

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The future of photography seems to be promising with new ideas being introduced faster than ever before. The introduction of the GoPro in 2004 and the iPhone in 2007 has made cameras more portable. The fact that you can carry around a good camera in your pocket or video tape yourself surfing or participating in more extreme sports is astounding. With so many different technologies coming into play, I can honestly say that 25 years from now the handheld camera will be obsolete because of phone cameras replacing them. In 25 years, I only see the possibility of professional photographers using handheld cameras. Today we have the introduction of many new technologies that I see coming into play in 25 years. Those technologies are as follows: Light Field cameras, capturing photos in the dark, and reflection free photos. The Lytro Illum 40 Megaray Light Field Camera allows you to take a photo and worry about focus later on a software program they created (1). Canon launched the ME20F-SH camera, which was a 35 mm camera with a maximum ISO of 4,000,000. This makes taking pictures in the dark easy because you no longer need to use special filters or anything (2). These two technologies currently have hefty price tags but I see them becoming more affordable within the next 25 years. A…show more content…
The newest technology to be incorporated in these phone cameras involve focus, darkness, and reflection. These three aspects will be improved to gain the business of many happy consumers. Courses of action would be to begin implementing these ideas into a prototype and begin testing early to work out all of the kinks and get ahead of everyone else. I see no problems to be addressed other than making sure everything in the new iPhone works smoothly. The key to the success of photography in 25 years from now is convenience. That will be the difference between those companies that make it and those that

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