Argumentative Essay: The Good War

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Patriotism “Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so few to so many”- Winston Churchill. World War II is known to be the bloodiest war documented in history; it was the largest and most violent conflict America soldiers have been a part of. Although many people lost their lives, World War II to is referred to as “The Good War”, because forces of good triumphed over evil and the entire world was changed for the better. Throughout its six year span, World War II ended Hitler’s third Reich, Mussolini’s dictatorship, and an aggressive Japanese empire. Without the help of all the brave men and women like, Samuel Johnston Hughes, who fought in World War II American would not have been able to participate in making the world a more tranquil and peaceful place to live. We owe our freedom and happiness here in America to all the troops who selflessly fought in all the wars throughout history. The price of freedom is high, in World War II an astounding total of 1,076,245 Americans lost their lives fighting for our country, with several more being injured both physically and mentally. Our troops do not just have to face physical wounds and disabilities, but also metal wounds; many soldiers return from combat with post-traumatic stress disorder,…show more content…
Hopefully I will be able to get my degree in three or four year so I can start my career as a register nurse healing survivors of war. I would like to work at Jack C. Montgomery Veteran Association medical center in Muskogee, Oklahoma. Their motto is “Excellence start here” and I would love to be part of that excellence that heals selfless men and women who fought for our country. That’s how I will show my patriotism and appreciation for our troops, by helping to heal wounded and disabled
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