Argumentative Essay: The Hawaii Statehood Day

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“If you ask ten people of Hawaiian blood what they want done, you’re likely to get 10 different answers” stated by John Fischer a Hawaii Travel Expert. Hawaii statehood day, is a controversial holiday for all the people of Hawaii. On the third Friday in August each year, schools statewide take a day off to 'celebrate' Hawaii's anniversary of becoming a state. Although, it has always been a controversial holiday as the monarchy of Hawaii was overthrown illegally. For some it is a day of remorse, others a day to look back on history and for others, it is seen as just another day off. I see this holiday as a day to look back on Hawaii and its history, to realize the United States importance to Hawaii and finally a day to enjoy the Hawaii Nei.…show more content…
tried to right all its wrongs through this time period in History the sadness and remorse of the overthrow will never fade. Now, lets try to imagine what the Hawaiians would have felt during the annex. Imagine having your mother locked in her home by powerful militia that your family could never face up to. Imagine her having to watch her children and home suffer, while she could do nothing about it. Queen Liliuokalani faced this exact challenge. Her people, or her children looked up to her as the ruler of the Hawaiian islands. She was as graceful and loving as a mother, and all of her people loved her. Throughout the annex she and her people had little-to-no say in the overthrow. This holiday reminds Hawaiians as the day their mother and land was illegally and wrongfully taken away from them. “Was it practical for the Jewish people to reclaim Israel?” asks Henry Noa, the prime minister of the Hawaiian Government. He then states “It took them 1,800 years. So what’s 50 years to us?” All these changes for Hawaii took place less than 150 years ago, from the annex in 1898 to Hawaii becoming a state in 1959. Henry Noa states a valid point. Thus, making Statehood day again a difficult and controversial topic.
The celebration of this holiday should not be changed because their is no way that Hawaii could ever return to its own sovereign nation status it once was. In addition, everything Hawaii has is vital for it to be what it is known as today. The
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