Argumentative Essay: The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

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The Hollywood Walk of Fame is a very special place that visitors love to adore. When a celebrity passes away, they place flowers at the star. If there is an accident, fans come to pray together at the Hollywood star. When controversy strikes there is a situation on Hollywood Boulevard near the star. However, Wednesday was the first time in a long time where a star was so mutilated that charges will be pressed. A man took some sort of tool and allegedly decided to dig up Donald Trump's star for legal fees for others. The star was completely destroyed. How much does it cost to replace a Hollywood Walk of Fame star How much does it cost to replace a star? According to several outlets, the fee could be as much at $10,000 and it's going to take a while. This isn't like pouring concrete. This includes labor, making the star again and most importantly the security to keep everyone safe. People forget this cool exhibit is on the sidewalk. It's a 24/7 location where walking, riding and even skipping is possible. Ruining a section of sidewalk (of course, it's more than that) could create more problems.…show more content…
It's illogical to take tools to a metro area art location and star ripping out a public exhibit merely to make a political point. Don't forget the point in the first place isn't that great either. However, destruction of property doesn't help anyone. In fact it draws more attention in the wrong sort of way. This alleged act of ruining the Hollywood Walk of Fame is shocking and revealing. If someone feels so empowered to do something like this as a stunt with the cameras rolling, we have to ask why. Can there be a point in our society today that finds any reason to do anything because someone has an opinion about a

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