Argumentative Essay: The Horror Of The Holocaust

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The Holocaust was a tragic experience for the Jews. Hitler blamed the Jews for the lose of WWI. There was over six million Jews that got killed during the holocaust by Adolf Hitler and all the other Nazis. Holocaust is a word of Greek origin meaning “sacrifice by fire”[Introduction To The Holocaust]. Hitler also targeted the disabled, Jews, homosexuals, and other prisoners or undesirables.The holocaust absolutely destroyed the Jews, but luckily, some still survived. Today we are still hearing stories about the tragedies that they have went through. The Nazis would send Jews to either concentration camps, or even death camps, the death camps had to be the worse to go to. The Nazis would even make the Jews and other prisoners walk for miles on called death walks. The Nazis made the Jews and other prisoners walk for miles and miles to various death and concentration camps. The meaning of the word death marches was where all these prisoners had to walk for miles to get to concentration and death camps. The event was the movement of prisoners in Germany.There was a significant role for the Nazis, it was that…show more content…
The second purpose was that the Nazis needed prisoners to maintain weapons. The last reason was that the Nazis believed that they could use Jewish concentration camps prisoners as hostages [Death Marches]. Most of these marches lasted for months, and when some Jews couldn’t keep up the pace, they were shot [death Marches]. Tens of thousands of these Jews were executed during the death marches [YAD VASHEM]. The NAzis marched the jews to various concentration and death camps{Death Marches]. Over sixty thousand Jews marched to Wodzislaw, they were then placed on a crowded train and shipped to either concentration or death camps, but over half of the prisoners died on the way there[YAD

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