Argumentative Essay: The Impact Of Gun Violence

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I was devastated once I heard the news that a past member of my youth group was shot and killed through the violence of an enraged individual. Not knowing her personally did not devalue the impact that she made on me, and the visualization of the shock it had on my community. Not only that, several students that attended my high school were also affected by gun violence. Growing up in a low income community ultimately caused gun violence to be more apparent in my life. In modern times, the world seems to be so vastly complex with countless amounts of disparities, that we lose focus on what truly matters and fail to seek compromise in regards to gun reforms.
My political ideology was formed through the family that I lived with, but ultimately my peers and the community that I was a part of changed my perspective on certain issues. With Mariner High School being one of the most diverse and largest schools in
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The fact that the 2nd amendment allows certified citizens to bare arms makes it understandable that a family will possess a firearm to protect their family or to utilize it for recreational purposes. However, I find it grossly unfair that countless young Americans die every year through the use of gun violence. Incidents continue to rise, with more than 50,000 individual cases and over 250 mass shootings occurred in a single year according to the Gun Violence Archive 2017. Armed with these facts, one cannot deny that America is facing one of its greatest challenges of its time with gun violence. Instead of having an open-minded discussion, the American people continue to be divided more than ever, with clear distinctions on political issues. Many nowadays tend to blame each other, never reaching a simple solution. People fail to realize the reality of how easy it is to obtain a weapon, and how there are several loopholes and ways for one to obtain a
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