Argumentative Essay: The Importance Of Guns On Campus

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Education is necessity that should be provided to everyone from when they are young till when they feel they have gained enough. Education can be defined as the process of giving or receiving knowledge at an institution. Studies say children learn much better in institutions with peers their age than at home being home-schooled or any other method of learning. The research is pretty accurate since most educated children, teens or adults attend or did attend an institution at some point in their life. Education is an important necessity, learning is another important necessity and hence institutions are very important. Students need to learn in a safe environment and their parents want them to be safe away from home, so why would we want to allow dangerous objects…show more content…
For instance imagine if one of the victims of the Virginia University shooting, the tragic loss of life could have been avoided and we wouldn’t have such a sad memory in our lives. Permitting guns on campus can have many benefits but do those benefits out-weigh the drawbacks. Supporters for guns on campus say that permitting guns on campus would increase personal safety. That’s quite true but it could also lead to accidental shootings, thefts, and increased crime, should the safety on campus be compromised so some people can feel safe? Another supposed benefit proposed by supports for guns on campus is potential shooters will be discouraged to attack campuses that permit concealed carry. This might be true but the potential shooter could also feel confident that he can cause more damage with concealed carry holders present. Policemen responding to the situation would have a hard time identifying the shooter if there is more than one person with a gun and students would also not be able to identify the shooter easily. Concealed gun carriers would just make the situation more tense and
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