Argumentative Essay: The Invention Of Band Aids

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Did you know that Earle Dickson made the Band-Aid in 1921? He made them because his newly wife would always burn and cut herself while making dinner in the kitchen. Then, after she would hurt herself because she could not really made the band-aid herself. Earle had to sit and put a piece of gaze with tape to the bleeding wound. She would hurt herself so much and Earle had to keep creating this bandages. He finally decided to sit down and find a way where she could put the bandages by herself. This is where he made the band-aid, sitting on his could in his house. After a while of having the band-aids out a company called Johnson & Johnson asked for Earle to put band-aid idea with there company. Now, here is where it all started and the whole world found out about the magnificent idea. Band-Aids made by Earle are still used today but advanced over the years. Now, I think that band-aids are the most important invention made. Now, one reason that the band-aid is the best invention is that not everyone wants those the sight of blood. Really who wants to look at someone body part and see that is it bleeding. With having the band-aid we can cover up the wound…show more content…
We all cut ourselves at one point. We all know that with out the band-aid we would have a messy problem. We also went over few reasons. One reason was is that the sight of blood might freak some people out. The sight of blood can lead to people fainting and with this propel could hurt themselves when falling. Next, reason was that was people being grossed out. This could lead to embarrassment to the person bleeding, and the other people judging that person. The last reason we had was have a open wound gushing blood. With that the blood will be everywhere and staying everything it touches. Lastly, with out the band-aid every cut we get could get infected and could lead to serious injuries. That is why the band-aid is the most important event ion

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