Argumentative Essay: The Issue Of Assisted Suicide

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Some people believe that the family would be sad and do not want their family member to die before God has planned for them to die. However, they should be relieved that the person is not suffering anymore and that they will be in a safe place. Even though they died before they were planned to, it does not mean they are a bad person for making that choice.The family also will not have to see the family member struggling to be happy.
Brittany Maynard, a woman who died from assisted suicide to cure her terminal brain cancer, moved from California to Oregon in order to find the treatment she wanted. Her mother who supposed her view on this stated, “'I was avoiding the topic and I would cry if she brought it up.' Maynard then said, 'Mom, you have to talk to me
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Her family members agreed to the procedure because they wanted what is best for their daughter. They wanted to spend as much time with her as they could before they didn’t have any time left.
Another person who had assisted suicide had lymphoma. CBC news the stated “ An 81-year old Toronto man who became the first person in Orlando to be granta physician - assisted death has died.” The family of A.B agreed to go with the assisted suicide because they wanted him to be happy. They though he lived his life fully and that he would be in a better place if they just let him go. They also know he will die eventually and if he is in pain they want to end that pain as soon as possible.
Family members agree with most assisted dying because they want what is best for the dying family member. They do not want to see their family member in pain anymore and it would be a relief seeing that they are pain free. They may be sad knowing that they no longer will be able to see them everyday, but it will be worth knowing that they did live their life and that they are in a happy place now. They all agree that assisted dying was for the best choice for their loved
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