Argumentative Essay: The Issue Of Officiated Prayer In Schools

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An issue that has led to court and supreme court cases alike. Both sides claim their rights are being violated. Schools and teaches sued and fined. No matter the side someone takes, it seems simple. The topic is school prayer, and the issue has been around awhile. School prayer is a slippery slope, as it is hard to stay neutral. Subject to a number of supreme court cases, such as Engel V.S Vitale, Wallace V.S Jaffree, and Abington School District V.S Schempp. While the name implies a wide range of issues, it all comes down to school officiated prayer. Having a school officiated prayer violates the rights of those of different faiths and those who lack a faith, it violates the separation of church and state, and it violates the law. The society norm that officiated prayer is banned in schools should not be changed. Some argue that…show more content…
A public school is a government institution. The government and government institutions are unable to endorse a religion as it is a violation of church and state. Therefore, public schools are unable to have school officiated or led prayer, as that endorses religion. There are also laws against prayer in schools. School prayer is illegal, so having a school officiated prayer can lead to fines and other litigation. Not everyone agrees that school prayer should be banned however. Some say that banning prayer is illegal. They claim that, thanks to the first amendment, that prayer being banned is a violation of religious rights. Of course, banning prayer is illegal, which is why prayer is not banned, but prayer led by school officials or prayers officiated by the school are. The laws, in actuality, ban prayer led by the school or a school official. While a valid argument, it is incorrect. Some may say banning prayer in schools is a violation of the first amendment, but it is not the act of prayer that is banned, but prayer endorsed by the school that is
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