Argumentative Essay: The Issue Of Racial Profiling By Police

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An American Baptist Minister, Al Sharpton once said, “Many in our community have to live in fear of both the cops and the robbers. What concrete steps would you take to end police brutality and racial profiling.” Racial profiling by police has been an ongoing problem for many years and is still continuing. This is a problem because innocent African Americans are dying everyday from it. Police are still showing racial inequality.
Police often take advantage of African Americans. One case example is Rekia Boyd, an innocent African American woman who was killed by police. An off duty police officer fired into an altercation, killing Boyd, “Boyd was struck by bullets fired by Officer Serrin and died in the hospital two days later.”(“Cop Should
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Trayvon was on vacation to his father’s for the summer. One night, Martin was walking home when he was approached by a police officer doing neighborhood watch. Officer Zimmerman called into dispatch seeing Martin, the officer claimed to dispatch that Trayvon was a suspicious subject. Dispatch told the officer not to exit his squad car, Zimmerman refused and approached Martin anyway. As the officer approached Martin they got into an altercation as the officer reports, where Martin ended up dead at the scene.” Authorities released seven 911 calls from the night of the shooting. In one of the 911 recordings, Zimmerman, against the advice of the 911 dispatcher, follows Martin. In one of the recordings, a voice screams help, help! In the background followed by the sound of a gunshot.”(“Trayvon Martin Shooting”). This supports my reasoning because officer Zimmerman approached Martin and felt threatened so he felt no other option than to shoot Martin. Police report proves that Martin had no sort of weapon. “Serino reports that he thought Zimmerman’s head injuries were marginally consistent with a life threatening episode, as described by him, during which neither a deadly weapon nor deadly force were deployed by Martin.”(“Trayvon Martin Shooting”). Trayvon had no type of weapon on him, when zimmerman made contact with Martin, he began to feel a threat, which led to him shooting and killing
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