Argumentative Essay: The Issue Of Texting While Driving

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When driving a vehicle, one is supposed to be diligent and not be distracted to assess the condition of the road. With the widespread use of cellular devices, aka phones and texting, there has been an increase in unnecessary accidents and deaths associated with drivers being distracted by texting while driving. Since common sense is apparently not enough for people to abstain texting while driving, I believe the act should be illegal for the good of the country. One major reason is that when one is distracted by texting while driving, there can be the chance to cause the accident and have loss of life, including the drivers. Another reason, if less important, is if life is not lost in a vehicular accident, there will be some type of damage, whether vehicular or property damage, and that will…show more content…
The first reason is because there is a chance that when texting while driving, there can be an accident that can lead to loss of life and/or injury to the people involved. Another reason is that if no lives are injured and/or lost, property damage can have a bad effect to the driver who was texting while driving, including financial and legal troubles. Although banning texting while driving can be an inconvenience to a person who prefers to text when communicating, the chances of causing accidents that can lead to injuries, deaths, or property damage far outweighs the inconvenience. One could just park their car on the side of the road or on a parking spot if they must text but they should not text while driving. If it is an emergency, one should us use the call option. Although I hoped that not texting while driving should be common sense to people considering how much focus one needs when driving, the upsetting cases of accidents and loss of life due to distracting from texting while driving has shaped my opinion that texting while driving should be made illegal for the good of
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