Argumentative Essay: The Lady And The Tiger

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Lady and the Tiger Argumentative Essay “She knew in which of the two rooms that lay behind those doors stood the cage of the tiger, and which waited the lady.” Which did she choose? In Frank Stockton's short story, the Lady and the Tiger, the lovely princess loves deeply for a man, but now that her father has found out she is with a man in a lower social class, she had to witness her soul mate be sentenced to her father’s coliseum. The princess loves this man greatly, but she is scared that she would have to watch her lover being mauled by a tiger or fall in love with a woman that she deeply despises. Due to her love and compassion towards this man, she chooses the open the door that stood the lady, but doing this she knows that she will have to live knowing someone else is with her partner. The princess chooses the door with the lady because even though watching somebody else with her man she loved would be painful, but knowing…show more content…
She is knows that it will hurt her to see the youth with the fairest lady in the land, but she also knows that it would hurt worse knowing she killed the innocent him with a crime she never wish upon anyone.
Resulting in her love for the youth, she was forced to grant the youth with the door which hide a lady behind it. Her love for the young man was too great to send him towards the direction of death. Her love for the young man was too great to send him towards the direction of death. Jealousy is such a persuasive way to draw you closer to the bad ways life can bring you. “Then it was that his quick and anxious glance asked the question: ‘which?’” That is when she realized that leading him to the direction of the door which the beautiful lady was held behind was the right thing to
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