Argumentative Essay: The Legacy Of Christopher Columbus

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Christopher Columbus is well known throughout America, so known there is a special holiday one a year on the second monday in October. He’s known for finding America and doing many good deeds for America’s evolution. When people explain why this holiday is celebrated, others are told a great man with the name of Christopher Columbus, discovered America. He traveled from Spain to find Asia, specifically India. What people don’t know is he enslaved many people ripping them from their homes without choice. This is a side of the history some people may not know.

Christopher Columbus was born in Italy Genoa Italy in 1451. He served under the Spanish crown. People during this time believed the world was flat, and if you were to sail in one direction for an amount of time, you would fall of the world. Christopher Columbus didn’t agree to that thought. He was going to prove that the world was not flat but indeed round. His goal was to find another, shorter way to reach Asia; for trading purposes. He asked the King and Queen for permission and it was granted. He was given a crew and three ships to take
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He returned to America multiply times, stealing the natives people’s resources and taking them back as slaves for his King and Queen. They were treated terribly with certain rules they had to follow in order to live. They had no freedom and were regarded as slaves and only slaves. In Document three it states, “ Every Taino over the age of fourteen had to supply the rulers with a hawk’s bell of gold every three months (or in areas with no gold, twenty-five pounds of spun cotton)...” If these demands weren’t met, the punishment would be severe. Anything done wrong would result in death. Document three states “...those who did not pay were, as Columbus’s brother Fernando said ’Punished’ -by having their hands cut off and left to bleed to
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