Argumentative Essay: The Legalization Of Assisted Suicide

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“I think those who have a terminal illness and are in great pain should have the right to choose to end their lives, and those who help them should be free from prosecution,” -Stephen Hawking. Assisted suicide is a physician assisted suicide, in which they give medication that allows for a painless and quick death that ends the suffering of people with the illness. Assisted suicide is illegal in 47 states and is usually last resort. Assisted suicide may remove all of the pain quickly and painlessly, but is not reasonable in most people’s cases.

People who are Terminally ill have usually 2 options, continue the painful and tyring treatment so they can live longer, or they can discontinue and suffer from the terrible symptoms. But, there’s 3rd
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Physical pain in most cases is not the issue, because painkillers stop most of the physical pain. Mental pain is usually what assisted suicide patients suffer from most, studies show that 93-94% of assisted suicide patients have an identifiable physiological disorder, which can be cured through therapeutic help. Also, a lot assisted suicide patients also have a fear that they are in the way, and they are just annoyance of there family, which is not true at all. Studies have also shown that people with an obsession of killing himself don’t acknowledge how many other genuine alternatives there are. Although assisted suicide may be a way out of the mental and physical pain, there are many other alternatives they do not see.

Assisted suicide may be able to remove all the pain, but to most it is not reasonable. Which side is more correct is something I do not know, because they both have there flaws. Pro assisted suicide may be giving people rights, and control over there life, but it studies have shown the a great majority of assisted suicide patients have a mental illness that is curable, and in most cases curable physical pain. Assisted suicide is often thought as a cure, but in many peoples minds, it’s just
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