Argumentative Essay: The Legalization Of Marijuana

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The legalization of Marijuana Desmond "I think if you actually look at the sort of marijuana on sale today, it is actually incredibly damaging, very, very, toxic, and in any case leads to huge mental health problems" said by David Cameron, Former British Prime Minister. The rising concern about the use of marijuana is severe recently. There are numbers of objections about the legalization of marijuana that people are concern about the negative influence of it. But the Canadian government insists despite the counter opinion from the public that made marijuana legalized. There are 3 main reasons why people objected to the legalization of marijuana. First, people who hold the against opinion believed that marijuana has completely no acceptable medicinal use. Second, legalizing marijuana might lead to the rising number of treatment and addiction in the world. Finally, people believed that the injuries and deaths rate from impaired driving might increase because of marijuana legalization. Marijuana should not be legalized because of it lack medicinal use, it encouraged addiction, and it increases the risk of driving accidents. Firstly, there is a controversy about lack of the number of support for marijuana medical claim. As we all know, marijuana has already put on use as a medical treatment in hospital for a long time. Accordingly, there is low and moderate-quality evidence supporting the effectiveness of marijuana for medical use. There is a research illustrate that
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