Argumentative Essay: The Link Between Language And Culture

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Student?: Abdelkarim ABOUMOUSSA
odule?: Academic Writing Workshop
Instructor?: Ms. Rachel SUMPTION
Fall : 2016
term Argumentative essay

It is universally believed that the human language serves as a tool for communication. However, there is a controversy over the social aspect of this language. That is to say, some people assume that language is not a mere way of communicating with the other, but a social practice that opens the door to discovering the cultural basis of a given nation. This takes us to consider the link between language and culture. Let?s take English as an example of that language which has recently become a language of life. I mean the language we use in all the walks of life. English has become the language of politics, of technology and even of luxury in some way; some people then think that speaking English makes them modern and mainstream followers. English learning has also become one of the needs in life and people of all ages sacrifice their
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For this reason, the number of students who register every year at different universities after getting their baccalaureate has been increasing to the extent that some faculties annually record an augmentation in the English departments as compared to other departments. Talking about the English department, I would refer to what is being taught as major modules. Freshmen, or students in the first year at college, are taught some basics of the language such as Grammar, Study skills, and Phonetics. The educational system does not rely only on these aspects of the language, but also on its cultural side as a crucial component of the major. In other words, English students start to learn about the culture of both Britain and US alongside other

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