Argumentative Essay: The Locavore Movement

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Multiple times a year the farmer’s market occurs all around the world, supporting local farms and businesses this event brings the community closer together. When most people would buy produce and other goods from a supermarket, the locavore movement encourages buying from locals to promote a healthy lifestyle and protecting the environment. The locavore movement should be supported, however it is connected to highly controversial issues such as nutrition, the environment, and the economy. . Locally grown food has been proven to be more nutritious than that of commercially grown produce, and it tastes better. Not only is local food fresher it also has longer to ripen, this allows it to have a greater amount of nutrients which deteriorate with time (Maiser). Although the amount of nutrients lost from Asia to North America is very small compared to local food travelling from a farm to farmer’s market and people are not nutritionally deprived, fresh and local food taste better (Smith and MacKinnon). The sweetness and crispness of a fresh fruit compared to the somewhat mushed and bitter…show more content…
To raise an animal for food causes harmful emissions no matter what practice is being used, in one case one may have raised a cow in a pasture and resulted in a low carbon footprint, and on the other hand most companies use factories for mass production and cause a large carbon footprint. In either case, emissions are being created, unfortunately this can not be bypassed. Red meat creates the largest amount of carbon emissions during the production stage than the other products companies transport across the world (Source D). If more people were to join the locavore movement fewer carbon emissions would be released not only from the decrease in transportation, but also in the increase of pasture raised animals and farm grown crops rather than

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