Argumentative Essay: The Manson's Murders

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“He was a beautiful kid… a warm and friendly boy” remarked a priest that knew Charles Manson (Roberts 30). Charles Manson was the leader of The Manson Family, which was a cult that committed numerous murders. Charles Manson grew up with a flawed support system, so he became a father figure and a support system for all of his followers. Manson knew how to manipulate a person and drive people to do the most unimaginable things. Manson was an extremely tortured person and a frequent user of LSD, as was the whole family (Roberts 30). The deeper you get into the history of Charles Manson, the more unbelievable it gets. Charles Milles Manson was born on November 12, 1934 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Manson’s mother was a teenage prostitute named Kathleen Maddox. His father was only known as ‘Colonel Scott’ his mother. Kathleen wanted to give Manson a last name, so she immediately married William Manson, who quickly left the picture (Roberts 30). Charles Manson’s mother committed many minor crimes,…show more content…
Not all of the Family went to jail for the murders. Lynette Fromme avoided jail for the Manson murders but pulled a gun on President Ford in September of 1975. She escaped from prison in 1987 but was captured and imprisoned until her release in 2009. Patricia Krenwinkel stated to have only taken part in the Manson murders because “she wanted to be loved”. “[Susan Adkins] admitted that she held down pregnant actress Sharon Tate while she was stabbed to death, something she later denied” (Warrington).
Charles Manson grew up in tough times. As a young boy he was gentle and loving, but as he grew up he became a mastermind at getting people to follow his orders and believe in him. The Manson Family was full of normal people that just wanted to be loved and appreciated. They would do anything he wanted and would not even question the decision. The Family was responsible for almost 40 murders and more than half of them are unknown. Charles Manson now lives in jail for the rest of his

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