Argumentative Essay: The Miranda Rights

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Do you know how your Miranda Rights help you in court. It lets people try to prove they didn 't do the crime. It tells people that they have the right to remain silent because everything they say can and will be used against them in the court of law so when people are being questioned they need a lawyer to tell the police that they are asking questions that person does not want to answer. It will appoint people an attorney if they cannot afford one. It helps give people who are innocent but is also the prime suspect a fair trial and time to try to prove they are innocent. The Miranda Rights also help people know what their rights are while being arrested. The Miranda Rights are important because it helps gives people a fair trial.
If people can not afford an attorney then one will be appointed to them. While being questioned, he will help protect their born,god given rights. He will represent them in court help tried to prove they 're innocent or tell them the best chance that they have is to plead guilty. He will help people try to get the best prison sentence that they can get. He will also represent people while sueing
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The Miranda Rights are what give people all this freedom. They say that if people don 't want to talk to the police at all people don 't have to. It lets people know that anything people say will most likely be used against people as evidence. It says that people can be appointed a lawyer if people can 't afford one. Many people don 't get a fair trial in the United States because they don 't know their Miranda Rights. This how we know we are getting a fair trial and our rights are being protected.
This helps give us a fair trial. It will give people a lawyer if people can 't afford one. These rights help give citizens and immigrants a fair trial. Everybody needs to know their Miranda Rights to be treated fairly. Everybody needs to understand the concept of their Miranda Rights so the can say they have something that can protect
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