Argumentative Essay: The Morning After Pill

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A girl from Bradford in West Yorkshire, suffered a stroke at the age of 15 from taking the morning after pill. Reports were said that the nurses were giving out the morning after pill behind the parents’ backs. The girl went into a coma and died shortly before her 16th birthday (mother calls for tougher). How could this happen? Even though people have the right to choose what do with their bodies. Plan b should be illegal because it is considered as a murder and it is killing potential babies. People have the right to choose what to do with their bodies. We all make mistakes in life. Sometimes people party and have too much to drink and forget what they did that night. Or their either not ready to be a parent and take responsibilities. Also…show more content…
The plan b pill is very wrong in many ways because it causes abortion. Since it is killing babies, they should never be allowed to people that are not ready to step up to their actions. It works like any other abortion drug it thins the lining of the mothers uterus so that the baby cannot develop and the thus dies. The morning after pill is the most awful ending of an unborn life (should the morning). Quite a few very religious people argued that plan b pill is wrong since it includes the death of an unborn and an undeveloped fetus. The Catholic Church is strong about the morning after pill in many ways. Till this day they still argue strongly against it (pharmacists and right). Another example that shows that it is killing potential babies is that next time the morning after pill convince them it is not an abortion. That’s a lie. Pharmacists say they are protected by laws to health care workers. If they do not want to write a prescription they have the right not to because it is against their belief (pharmacist and right). Plan b and any other harmful products can cause abortions if they have anything to do with killing anything inside them. Period. So next time he or she hear that it is not murder you all will know the truth (don’t be
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