Argumentative Essay: The Murder Of Fred West

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January 1972 in Gloucester, England, Fred West and Rosemary “Rose” Letts were secretly married. In June of that same year Rose gave birth to their second daughter. The growing family moved to a new home, 25 Cromwell Street, which was much larger than their previous home. The new home had enough rooms for all their children, space for renters, and even a cellar that was used as a torture chamber. This new family home also had rooms fitted with peepholes for Fred to watch while his wife Rose was working as a prostitute. Everything was falling into place for the West’s, even some extra enjoyment from the 12 murders that they both committed. Fred West was the second oldest of eight children. Fred’s father was accused of having sexual relationships with his children, taught Fred bestiality, and his mother would sexually abuse him at a young age (Fred West Biography, 2015). During police interviews Fred mentioned incent was highly accepted and his father would tell him, “Do what you want, just don’t get caught doing it” (Boduszek & Hyland,…show more content…
They killed for the enjoyment of it. They received a thrill and comfort from it. Sex was performed before the victims were killed, giving the murders control. Their behavior was sadistic and would get sexual gratification from the victim’s pain and suffering. They would use bondage during the attacks. Their MO behavior consisted of them planning their victim type, using bondage to silence victims, restraints used to control victims, victim’s body were located inside or outside of murderers home, killed victims as a safety measure. Their signature behavior began in their childhood, when both would be sexually abused. Before killing their victims, they would always rape and torture them. Fred would do whatever he pleased to his victims, just as long as he did not get caught, as his father once told him, “Do what you want, just don’t get caught doing it” (Boduszek & Hyland,
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