Argumentative Essay: The Murder Of Michael Jackson Jr.

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The citizens of maple street were a witness to the unusual activity going on recently. An unusual object passes by the street and people start to panic when all their electric and gas appliances are not working. This led to the murder of one man,the destruction of a maple street and the accusation of a little boy who happened to read many books. This happened in late summer around 6:00 pm. A lot of mayhem happened on Maple St. In the afternoon the residents’ electronics and machines came off. They thought there were monsters doing all of this.The citizens of that street were scared and didn’t know what was going on and wanted answers quickly A reporter named Michael Jackson Jr. stated, “I live on the neighboring street also known as Pancake Ave., and I saw many things through my kitchen window.It was weird because all of a sudden I saw all of their lights come off and everyone was acting maniacal about an hour later.”…show more content…
yesterday morning.Les Goodman,a Maple Street citizen, had his car mysteriously tutn on, and they bombarded him and made accusations that he was an alien or something. Then suddenly a man named Charlie Fitzgerald’s mechanical objects came on also and they accused him. When I talked to Michael Jackson Jr I found out that a man later died who was known as Peter Van Horn. The police found out that he died from a gunshot and later found out Charlie Fitzgerald shot him out of suspicion. Rest In Peace Mr. Pete Mr. Van Horn’s death stirred the pot even more. Our research shows that we think the people controlling the machines or the “aliens” wanted to teach the people on Maple Street that the only enemies are themselves. According to the talk with Michael Jackson Jr. he says, “I think many things were happening on Maple street because I heard a lot of people yelling and throwing out things that I couldn’t quite hear or understand. But one thing I did hear was a gunshot and more

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