Argumentative Essay: The Murder Rate Of Chicago

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Essay 5 draft 3 The murder rate of Chicago in 2015 is almost four times higher than New York City and more than 2.5 times higher than Los Angeles. Marshall Rosenberg, a psychologist, created the Nonviolent Communication which helps people resolve conflicts and differences in a peaceful way. “All violence is the result of people tricking themselves into believing that their pain derives from other people and that consequently those people deserve to be punished” (Rosenberg). Nowadays there are so many ways to get a hold of a gun on the streets illegally. It is just a matter of knowing the right people. Many people turn to gun violence, especially teenagers, because of either growing up in poverty or they are unstable emotionally and law enforcement tactics have failed in reducing it.
The fastest and easiest way to get money is by joining a gang. Sociologists agree that the main reasons for joining gangs are friendships, income, and protection. Taking a quick glance at the areas where the violence is most severe shows that the three basic human needs of respect, employment and security and are not being fulfilled by the
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In urban areas is where gun violence makes the most damage since a large number of young minority males are killed or injured. Fear is increasing rapidly and it drives out businesses and disrupts community social life. Research has connected urban youth gun violence to gang conflicts, street drug markets, and gun availability. Youth gun violence is usually concentrated among groups of serious offenders and in very specific places. Bernie Sanders, candidate for president, supports tight gun control. “I think that urban America has got to respect what rural America is about, where 99 percent of the people in my state who hunt are law abiding people" (Bernie Sanders). Now in 2015, Chicago has seen more than 1,100 shootings. The number of murders is climbing again, more than 200, after dropping in the last two years. Summer nights are the

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