Argumentative Essay: The Oppression Of Women

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“She looked up with a certain anxiety. But you don’t think I’m too plump, do you?” (93). I choose this quote because as a society we are too caught up in a woman’s or man’s size; rather then what’s on the inside. As a woman I too hear this phrase in everyday conversations, and it is time to realize that there are far more important things then your body’s image. I want my sister to grow up thinking she’s a growing girl, and not be afraid to go swimming for the fear of being too fat. To know that she is beautiful not by the way she looks, but because she has a heart of gold. She is smart and courageous. She is only 13 years old; it broke my heart hearing her say those words.
In chapter 6 Bernard and Lenin are in the plane returning from a date, and Lenin asked this question. At first she brags about how she’s pneumatic in other words she’s good at
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As a society we have the duty to make the world a better place for future generations. We need to stop with all the false advertisement. The Photoshop that takes place needs to be done away with. We need to show our young girls what real women are. Beauty is facing your days with a bald head and battling scars from cancer. It is a woman carrying a child for 9 months that she wasn’t planning on having. It is being both mom and dad while putting food on the table, because you are all that child has. It is working extra hard to make it in a man’s world. Some of the most beautiful woman in this world do not dress in the finest fashions, adorned jewels, and make-up. They carry crowns of grey hair, wrinkles, tired bodies, and weathered hands. This is beauty. Leaving your mark in this world is the most important thing, to know you have made a difference. True beauty is within and brains will always conquer looks. Looks will fade you will age and no amount of creams and surgeries can prevent it, but the knowledge will remain
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