Argumentative Essay: The Patriot Act In The United States

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The Patriot Act In post nine eleven America there was and still is a hysteria regarding terrorism. People were scared for their lives every time they went outside Bureaucrats and politicians were in a state of “fear” for themselves and their families. Politicians saw this as a time to do what they wanted in congress with terrorism as a cover story. This fear enacted many new bills and laws, but none were as controversial as the Patriot Act. From an observational standpoint this act was seen as any other to Americans in fear of terrorist acts. It was covered with the same blanket that many other acts where, but it was not the same. This act gave the government the ability to search through and seize any information from anybody suspected of terrorist involvement at any time without the need of a search warrant.. This was not known to many Americans as the act was hardly mentioned in any form of media. The truth was not shown until a person named…show more content…
They did not mind to give up some of their freedom for safety, which is sickening. As Benjamin Franklin once said, “ Any society that will give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both.” Americans cherish their freedom and liberties. Yet they seem to be very willing to give it up when times get tough and fear invades the American psyche. No bill is as controversial to American values as the Patriot Act. It takes away freedom and security from all citizens. It gives the government an absolute form of power. As shown through historical context and recent events they will most certainly abuse this power. Americans as a whole are an oxymoron when it comes to events like these as they would willingly give up liberty for security. The real irony is that America sees more gun shootings than any terrorist act, but yet they are not willing to give up their freedom to own

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