Argumentative Essay: The Perfect Justice System

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I believe there had never been a perfect justice system. No matter how complete and thorough a justice system is, once in a while, a wrong person is put in prison. This is due to a lot of factors, such as poor detective work and non-credible eyewitness' testimony, and that the court would allow it anyway. Also, some crimes just simply can't be solve due to lack of evidence. Nonetheless, wrongful convictions must have been reduced over the years, due to the application of advanced technologies. Improved investigative procedure and a thorough collection of evidence, as well as the use of DNA testing in prosecuting the accused, must have greatly reduced these conviction errors. I think that our justice system is good enough. I mean, you are entitled to every rights to defend yourself; from the moment of your arrest until you are in prison. You have the right…show more content…
That is why the State of Texas compensates them commensurate to the number of years they served; I heard that Texas tops the list in terms of compensation. On top of that, they receive other benefits, such as training, free education, and psychological help. But is it enough? That depends on a lot of things. If the exonerated person is used to be a homeless man and then he get a million dollar reward for living in a cell, that may seem like. But I personally think that it isn't. Living a life of fear of knowing that you will never see the world as a free man again, or knowing that your end will come soon and you are simply counting your days down. I just couldn't imagine how terrible that is. You are innocent and you tried so hard to convince everyone, including your love ones, but no one would believe you. That must be so terrible. The people who were closed to you affected and would eventually grow apart. And when you are finally free your life will never be the same as it used to. So, it is never
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