Pros And Cons Of Using Animals In Circus

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Argumentative essay ( introduction) Group members: 1. Yeoh Zhi Cynn (62962) 2. Azizah binti Abbas (55559) 3. Siti Ferhana binti Albidu (57884) 4. Mandy Arwani Jee (61360) 5. Lee Xin Jie (61226) Circuses are the best known place of entertainment for children all around the world. It is an entertainment show that not only perform by human but also animal. People love to visit circus when it is performing in town. In as much as the fun it bring, there are many animals being torture daily in order to force them to perform. Although animals are always use to entertain people, I oppose this topic because animals have a bad living environment in the circus, frequently be treated cruelly and being force to perform above their capability. One of…show more content…
Those animals do not having any freedom as they get trapped in the cage for 24 hours per day. They will only be release for performance or training session. Thus, this action truly against the ethical treatment toward animals. The community should treat them better rather than hurting them physically and mentally because they also sentient beings. To overcome this issue, the government should ban circus from using animals. Lastly, circuses are able to be entertaining by human performances without involving animals. Reference Geer, A. (2004, January 27). 5 reason why animal circuses in U.S. need to be banned now. Retrieved from Kiley-Worthington, M. (1990). Animals in circuses and zoos: Chiron 's world. Little Eco-Farms Publishing. Schmahmann, D. R., & Polacheck, L. J. (1994). The Case Against Rights for Animals. BC Envtl. Aff. L. Rev., 22, 747. Schroeder, J. V. (1997) “The day they hanged an elephant in East Tennessee”,, May 1. Retrieved from

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